don't be fooled on
april FIRST -

Don't be fooled by the ads on TV, radio or bill boards - for fresh, healthy food there is no better deal around town than Sundowners Family Restaurants. Show the folks you know that you are no fool - on April Fool's Day and the rest of the year - eat with us! Dare we say it? Taxes are due on Tuesday, the 15th. But don't despair, come by before 5:00 and have a Lunch Special. Easter (and the end of Lent) is coming up on Sunday, the 20th. Please stop by. Everyone who orders an entree will receive a Special Free Dessert - chosen by the Big Bunny himself. And one lucky child from each restaurant will win a beautiful Easter Basket in our annual Easter Basket Drawing. Be sure to check out photos of the two lucky winners on next month's picture page. Earth Day is coming up - April 22. Just think what would happen if we all pitched in and picked up just one bag full of trash at the beach, or in the mountains, or at our local parks. If all that cleaning gives you an appetite, reward yourself with a meal at Sundowners - or reward your cleaning crew. Call up and order your dinner to go, and keep cleaning!

Sundowners Specials for April: Lent will be over on the 20th so let's break out the steak knives and dig into our favorite, the Signature Special, two Top Sirloin Steak and Shrimp (or Two Top) Dinners for just $11.49 (Single purchase always welcome at $5.75.) This is one of the best bargains around. Or let us tempt you with some of our other specials. Our Teriyaki Combo - steak, chicken and shrimp is on special for only $8.29. All three of our Chicken Dinners (Teriyaki, Lemon and Orange Glazed) are only $6.79. If you can make it in before 5:00pm try one of our Lunch Specials - we have 11 Specials on Special. Check out all of the specials on our SPECIALS PAGE. And remember: No coupons are needed to take advantage of our specials.

Looking Ahead in May: Cinco de Mayo is on Monday (the 5th) - Can't you just hear those chicken and beef fajitas sizzling?  And even if fajitas aren't your thing you must come by for our decorations. We do know how to decorate for Fiesta. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11th this year. As always, each Mother will receive a beautiful red carnation. With our banquet facilities you can bring all of the Mothers in your family - From Great Grandmothers to expectant Mothers.
Don't forget Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th. As always we be offering a Special Free Dessert with every entree ordered here in the restaurant. But shouldn't you be planning a big bash in your backyard, or the park? Get your party on here with some of the best food to go around.

We are Global! Time flies whether you are global or not. Can you believe it? We have been a presence on the web for over four years! Thank you all for checking us out - we see this as an extension of our restaurant family where you can stay in touch, and of course see what's on Special for the Month. You can also find us on the San Bernardino Sun's web And read about our soups and our long association with Heinz at Heinz Foodservice­
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Be sure to let us know what you think... about our food, our service, and your experience at our restaurants! We think of you as family, and we care what you think. So fill in your comment cards. We read those cards and act on your suggestions. And read what other patrons are saying on the COMMENTS PAGE.



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