San bernardino Sun Father's Day, Graduations, Flag Day,
D-Day,k First Day of Summer . . .
June is bustin out all over!

I have two words for you this month: Gift Certificates! Let's just review how handy these little $5.00 slips are. First: What better and more economical way to show Dad how much you really think of him - and what a good job he has done raising you? Boom! $5.00! Next: Who do you know that is graduating this month? You can show them that it doesn't take a degree in economics to recognize a good deal! Boom! $5.00! And what about the teacher? You know, the one who put up with your little brainiacs all year? Show her just how much you appreciate her efforts. Boom! $5.00! June 6th will be the 72nd Anniversary of D-Day. Know any Vets you want to thank for service to our country? A Gift Certificate can say a lot of thanks for just $5.00. Don't forget Father's Day, June 19. You will receive a FREE old-fashioned Coca-Cola glass with every entree ordered. That's real glass, soda fountain style. If you bring the whole family, you could get an entire set of glasses. So much more fun than shopping at Target! Looking for a place to feed the famished hordes after Graduation. Keep us in mind. Or think about our food to go for a great back-yard party. The grads won't go away hungry and you won't go broke - we promise. And don't forget - we are a cool destination spot now that summer is here. Either before or after the movies, the baseball games or the beach. And check out the decorations. They will certainly get you in the mood for summer!

SUNDOWNERS SPECIALS FOR JUNE: Celebrate Father's Day at Sundowners! You can treat Dad and yourself to our Signature Special Top Sirloin Steak and Shrimp Dinner - two for just $13.99. Single purchase is always welcome at $6.99. Or the New York Steak Dinner for just $8.29 is a pretty good deal, too. And take a look at our $1.00 Off Specials - always a good value. The Prime Rib Steak Dinner (just $9.49), the Teriyaki Combo – steak, chicken and shrimp (only $9.49), and of course, the St. Louis Style Pork Ribs Dinner – a steal at $9.49. Not on special, but just as good are the Barbecue Beef Ribs, they just might be my new favorite! Looking for a lighter start to 2016? Try our Chicken Dinners - 12 oz. of moist and delicious breast done in Lemon, Teriyaki, or Orange Glaze. A good deal at $7.39 per dinner! Check out all of the specials on our Specials Page. And remember: No coupons are needed to take advantage of our specials..

SEASONAL TREATS AND NEW ITEMS: Strawberry Shortcake and Fruit Salad are back! Now you can have your choice of Soup, Salad OR Fruit Salad with your lunch specials. Or treat yourself anytime with our fresh and fantastic fruit salad! And be sure to try my favorite: Strawberry Shortcake. Fresh berries with just the right amount of glaze. Have you all noticed the chalk board special lately? Mahi Mahi? 1/2 pound on special for only $8.99 (Normally $9.99). You better get in and try it because it is really delicious.

LOOKING AHEAD: Don't forget Independence Day, Monday, July 4th. Of course, we will be open and offering a Special Free Dessert with any entree ordered. Plan to stop by before you head out to see the fireworks. Thursday, the 14th is Bastille Day - always a good reason for a party. And, believe it or not, Saturday, the 30th, is National Cheesecake Day. Be sure to stop by and have a piece.

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