We Can All Give Thanks!
The Famous One-Cent
Anniversary Sale is Finally Here!
(We will be closed Thurs. Nov. 27 so we can
celebrate with our families)

On November 29, Saturday after Thanksgiving, we will once again have our Famous Penny Sale. With the rising cost of beef, we almost did not have it, but our supplier was able to give us a great deal which we, in turn were able to pass on to you again this year. Let’s all give thanks – for our great suppliers andThe One Cent Anniversary Sale. As all of our loyal customers know, this is simply the best deal of the year. Come to either our San Bernardino or Fontana restaurants on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and order a Top Sirloin Steak Dinner (only $7.29) and get a second Top Sirloin Steak Dinner for just One Cent! This is our way of thanking all of you for your loyal support over the last 33 years. It only happens once a year, so come early and bring the whole family. We have banquet rooms at each location, so we can accommodate everyone.

SUNDOWNERS SPECIALS FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER: Listen up: This is your final month of Turkey Workout! Get in shape for Thanksgiving with our Turkey Burgers - Lunch on Special for $5.39 and the Burger itself is on Special for $3.89. If you need to build up to the great bird why not try our Chicken Specials: Chicken Dinners (Teriyaki, Lemon and Orange Glazed) are only $7.19, and that's for 12 oz! Get here before 5:00 p.m. and you can get the same flavors for just $6.39 as Lunch Specials. Fish is really special this month, too: All of our fish plates are $1.00 Off. That makes the Fish Sandwich Lunch a smokin' deal at $5.89. Or try the Seafood Plate Dinner: Shrimp, Pollack and Jumbo Shrimp - Now only $7.99. Other bargains this month: Teriyaki Combo - steak, chicken and shrimp - a whole lot of food for just $8.99. Also on special is the Shrimp Boat - Lunch (on special for just $6.19) and Dinner (only $5.39) If you can make it in before 5:00pm try one of our Lunch Specials - we have 12 Specials on Special. Take a look at our Children's Menu, too. Served at all hours to your inner child. Check out all of the specials on our Specials Page. And remember: No coupons are needed to take advantage of our specials.

Be sure to check out our Halloween pictures - We will post the winners on our December website - you will be amazed at how far our employees go to impress, or... maybe not, if you have experienced our level of service. Veteran's Day is Tuesday, November 11, this year. Find a Veteran and take him (or her) to lunch or dinner. Or pass along a gift certificate to someone you know who served our country.

News Flash:
It really doesn't matter when you can buy our Gift Certificates!You can look like a king and impress people with your largesse (while secretly saving a bundle) - and with our great menu selection you know you can please everyone from the teacher to your great aunt and uncle! Yea - that's done!

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Hope to see you soon!


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